Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's On Your Workdesk this 468th Wednesday: the one where we *pay it forward*

Please don't let me get so excited, I forget my *asterisk* today.

I'm all excited to join this NINTH annual WOYWW celebration hosted by our desker Queen Julia, our beloved host at Stamping Ground.  This will be my 9th celebration as well, and have loved them all.  I want to thank Julia from the bottom of my heart for being so caring, humorous, and accepting.  She truly IS the reason this blog hop every Wednesday has been so successful.

I finally found time to make my PIF partner's ATC and it is ready to go as soon as I know to whom I'll send it.  No rocking horse on my desk today,

but you should be able to see them

everywhere you look in my craft room.

Once again Wendy is photo bombing and seems to be begging for attention.  I won't keep you, because you have others to meet and greet today.  If coming from Julia's please leave your number.  I look forward to seeing who my PIF partner is this year.

Thank you Nikki!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Catch Up T

Today I'm playing catch up.

Back in early April, my friend Theresa visited me.  One day we went to Buffet City, which was her choice.   I love the place, too, so I was tickled to go.  I took lots of photos inside of the many food stations, but got nothing of our drinks.  I had water (as usual) and Theresa had a soft drink.

Last Tuesday afternoon, I received this incredible gift from Kathy at Hummingbird Woodland Studio.   On the far left is one sheet of her corn husk paper, which was wrapped separately.  Also wrapped separately were her two papers made from grasses.  Look at those beauties and look at the edges.  We'll return to those edges in a moment.

But first, Kathy also sent me some incredible collage fodder.  I was almost tempted to use some when I first opened the package, but had to wait until I photographed everything.  So much variety and fun things to go through and use in my 365 somethings and other art.

Now let's look at those incredible edges again, as well as the beautiful texture in those pages

then compare them to my handmade paper made from paper pulp.  Although my pages are 8.5 inches X 11 inches, the edges are much more ragged than Kathy's.  And no, I didn't clean this area up like I should have before I took the photo.  Note the blue "grabber" in the lower right side of the photo.  It's the only way I can reach items on the top shelves, even standing on a stool.  Yes, I'm that short!

EDIT: Eileen asked how tall I am.  I'm 4'11", so as I told Eileen, her mother is a giant in my world!

And finally, here's a glass of water with lemon at a restaurant.

Now it's your turn to share a drink related post.  Your post may include photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Please share your direct link below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.

365 Day Art Challenge: Week 20

Here are my collages for Week 20.  This 365 something project was created in part and hosted by Hanna at i Hanna.

In case you missed them, here are Week 19's cards.  As I'm sure you know by now, I post every Monday morning for the previous week.  All my collages are 4" X 4" (10,16 cm X 10,16 cm).

High School

Home for sale

The housing crisis

Study in black and gray

What the ?


Call me
Thank you so much for joining me today.  If you are playing in Hanna's 365 Something project, please let me know and I will be by to see what you are making.  Please let me know if you like any of these.  As always, I am very grateful for your continued support of my art.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I'm once again joining Jo at Let's Art Journal, our host this month at Art Journal Journey.  The theme she has chosen is flora and faunaBecause it fits their flower theme they have chosen for a second fortnight, I'm also joining the challenge at Moo-Mania & More.

I agonized over this entry because I wanted to use the cute painting I found advertising the Wichita Art Museum Book Sale back in 2012.   The roses on Daisy's hat reminded me of this piece of rose scrapbook paper left over from years gone by.  No matter how many ways I tried to use it, the only way was to cut the pretty paper in two pieces.  The entry was so very plain, I decided to add two pink circles and two punched pink leaves.

Meet Daisy whose painting I added gold leafing pen around.  Unfortunately, I spent more time agonizing than I did creating this one!

Thank you for sharing time with me today where you will also find me at Art Journal Journey and Moo-Mania & More.  Hope to see you there, too!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Butterflies and flowers

Is anyone besides me excited to see the Royal wedding?  I look forward to it, since it's the first I've had the opportunity to see.  It's a good thing I'm used to staying up all night and keeping the same hours as my European friends.

Speaking of European friends, I'm once again joining the incredibly talented Jo at Let's Art Journal, our host this month at Art Journal Journey.  The theme she has chosen is flora and fauna.   I'm also joining the challenge at Moo-Mania & More because it fits their flower theme.

Today I'm working in my Challenges altered book.

In addition to butterflies and flowers, a fly has landed on this painting.

There is so much detail in this painting I found in an art book I purchased at the Art Museum last year.  I keep admiring the beauty of it all.

For this page, I began by using a color wash on the page.  However, once it dried, I could barely tell or see the three colors I used.  I added the focal image which I fussy cut, then bits of washi tape.

Thank you for sharing time with me today where you will also find me at Art Journal Journey and Moo-Mania & More.  I hope to see you both places, too.